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Dear hosts, dear refugees, dear supporters,

Together, we have provided free and private accommodation for over 65,000 people from Ukraine - in one of the largest social relief efforts ever undertaken in Germany. Each of us involved has stories of destinies, solidarity, and friendships to share. Thank you for this experience that will have a lasting impact!

On the day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Lukas Kunert and Falk Zientz launched the form online. Within a few days, thousands of hosts responded. Under the umbrella of gut.org gAG and with the help of volunteers, pro bono partners, foundations, and over two thousand individual donations, this quickly turned into a secure system for matching over 360,000 accommodations with over 150,000 hosts in every corner of Germany - without government funds, but in close cooperation with the BMI and many other authorities.

But the most important numbers for us are the following: According to independent surveys by the DeZIM Institute, more than three quarters of refugees rate their experience with their hosts on a scale of 1-10 as 10. And four out of five hosts would provide accommodations again in the future.

Even though there are hardly any new arrivals from Ukraine, we are certain that there will be emergencies again for which a resilient society should be better prepared than in the past. That's why we have decided not to permanently shut down unterkunft.org, but to reactivate it in future emergencies. Accommodation registration is still possible here.

Warm regards,
Felix Oldenburg and Dmitry Pismennyi.